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Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome Southern Oregon Telecom!

Koens Racing Team is very excited to announce the addition of Southern Oregon Telecom to our sponsor lineup for 2013!

Southern Oregon Telecom will be our primary sponsor for our incar camera. They were gracious enough to purchase a new GoPro Hero 3 Wifi video camera for our team in exchange for the sponsorship and marketing coverage. We will place their logo at the start of each and every video we post from our incar camera during the 2013 season!

With the built-in Wifi, the GoPro Hero 3 will allow us to stream our racing video live to any smart phone or tablet (3 second delay). We will also work on setting up a streaming video to a URL over the internet so fans that are not able to attend the race live can still catch the action online.

We will also attempt to capture the radio chatter between our spotter and driver during the races, blending it together with the video. This will allow our fans to not only see what the driver sees but also hear the driver and his spotter during the race as well!

In 2007, we became one of the first super late models cars to ever post incar racing videos online at youtube. We did this by taking a Canon handheld 8mm video camera and mounting it inside the car to a roll bar and hoping for the best. It was shaky and had terrible audio but it worked and we eventually evolved from there.

Since we have the new GoPro Hero 3 and our old GoPro Hero, we will now be able to run the older camera towards the rear of the car, giving you two different views of the racing action and we will split the screen on playback for our youtube channel!

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