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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First race of 2011 is coming fast!

The first race of the year for KRT is fast approaching. Slated for April 9th at Shasta Racepark in Anderson, California we are now only 6 weeks away from the first green of the season!

Both KRT cars, #18 & #28 have some modifications coming in the next couple of weeks. The #18 will get a new body installed and some other nice additions to that car by our buddy Jon Wishon. Jon will also be adding some nice changes to the #28.

Look for both cars to be front running everywhere we race in 2011!

If you would like contact information for Jon, we would be happy to provide that to you. He is an excellent mechanic, body man, front geometry and racing in general person to have in your corner. Not to mention he is a proven winning race car chief/crew chief, a dealer for fivestar bodies and Pryotect safety equipment! Oh and he even works on golf carts! Thanks Jon!

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