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Monday, May 17, 2010

Race results from 5-15-2010

I missed the first of two practice sessions but my car was handling fine in the session that I was able to make. We had tightened the car up a bit in the shop because of the heat and probable loose conditions on the surface.

Qualifying: We had a 15.57 lap time which put us 5th fast out of 16 cars. The 2nd fastest car had a 15.52, so we were right in the mix!

Fast Heat: One of the best races I have ever been involved in! I started in 4th place outside row 2. After green flag dropped, I tried to hang around on the outside but was slipping back quickly. After the 2nd lap, my car was changing for the better. My grip on the outside increased and I was able to hang on to my 6th place position and actually move ahead of the 5th place car on the outside. Then I methodically moved up positions all on the outside until I finally reached 1st place with one lap to go. I was able to secure the victory and hear how great a race it was to watch! Ha, even better to be in!

Main Event: The race was fairly uneventful for me. At the start I was trying to pass a car on the outside for the lead but we ended up going 3 wide into turn 1 and I had to lift. This started the freightrain for me being stuck on the outside and I must have wound up somewhere around 10th place or so. After a quick caution flag, I was moving up. Near lap 25 after another caution I tried my best to give the leader a challenge. I restarted on the outside only to fall back to 2nd directly behind the leader. I tried to keep up but my car developed a push that just didnt let me catch the leader. I ended up finishing 2nd behind David Miller. David was very fast and drove a clean race. Congratulations to him and his crew!

Our next race is May 29th at DCS. Hope to see you there!

Sorry, no incar video from this last race. My camera wasn't turned on properly.

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