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Monday, February 15, 2010

Is that racing exhaust I smell?

As I sit here typing this blog, I realize that in about 7 weeks I will be loading the car up for the track. I remember as a kid getting my favorite scratch 'n sniff...gasoline! I scratched it so often that I eventually got splinters under my fingernail from the wood dresser that I had the sticker stuck to. Ahhhh the smell of gas just does it for me. Now grown up (sorta) I still get that same feeling while sitting in my racecar ready to roll out onto the track. If I could plumb the exhaust straight into my helmet, I would! When I was Christmas shopping at Macy's last year, I stumbled on a cologne called 'Diesel'. I was a little disappointed. They had the right concept, but the wrong fuel. O well, maybe they will read the letters I sent them and this year I will be able to finally purchase 'gas' or 'race fuel' or 'racetrack smells'. TBD.

I am excited for the new PRA and the many opportunities it brings our fans, drivers and sponsors. There is sooo much time going into this deal from soooo many great people! Basically, racing at DCS will change. Good change. A change that either happened when it did or we all watch a track be torn down and become conference buildings... and I don't EVER remember scratching a sticker that smelled like a meeting.


  1. Just 7 weeks? Right about now it feels like winter will NEVER end...

    Really, really, really want to see you race this year.

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