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Friday, August 14, 2009

Continuing the season 2009...

Well, after thinking the season was over for us, we are contemplating running the ASA NW Tour race here at DCS on August 22nd. It is a big 125 lap show and is sure to have some of the best super late model drivers and equipment in the NW! The hesitation has been due to the incredible loss of dollars that this race will incur. How badly do we really wanna race? These races are also typically destruction derbys and we have had enough of that kinda luck in 2009 to last us 2 or 3 more seasons!

I doubt we will be highly competitive for the win or even a top 5 however, if we placed in the top 10 without going any laps down, I would be thrilled! My intention is to stay out of trouble. Stay out of the way. Keep the fenders clean. Earn some respect from the Tour drivers like last time they came to DCS. Load the car up and start doing winter maintenance in preparation for 2010 and whatever track(s) are available for late models.

Hopefully, we have a packed house and they are cheering on the local boys to victory!

I also would like to mention the terrible accident that Mr. Don Livermore was in at the track last Saturday August 8th. His street stock ended up going into the Torrid Turn 3 extention K barrier wall that should never have been placed there in the beginning anyways! Don broke his neck in the wreck and had surgery this week on it. He should make a full recovery! Nice job DCS...another near miss on the death chart for the turn 3 wall. I doubt the water barrels that you placed in front of the wall will make much difference and I dont wanna find out. I am still amazed that the County continues to allow this incredibly unsafe wall(s) to be there. Why the backstretch wall isnt extended all the way to the track entrance is beyond me. Spotters should be in the stands anyways. Just my opinion.

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