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Friday, July 17, 2009

Race recap from 7-10-2009

Well, what can I say? We were not very fast in qualifying or the heat race. Made some changes that got us up to speed in the main. Took the lead pretty early (as I started near the front) and kept it until Dale Roth took me on the outside on a restart. Fell to 3rd and through some accidents I was able to regain the lead on lap 38 of 50. Car felt pretty good but after the caution I developed a slight push. The #78 car was up on me tight but I was going to hold my line low and make him pass me high. I figured I had a good shot for 10 laps. Unfortunately, coming out of 4 my car decided to just turn right without warning and I ended up facing the wrong way drivers side up against the wall. Not knowing for sure what just happened, I got the car started and turned it around. I thought the #78 got into my for spotter assured my he did not. It looked to him like the car just darted to the right while the tires were stright. Weird. So, I lined up for the restart and figured I could pass a couple guys for a decent finish. Green flag drops, looked good for first 1/2 lap and then the exact same thing happened as I came out of 4 and was nearly straight. It veered to the right and I spun. At that point I figured it was an axle, so I parked it.

We have since found that the axle is fine. We checked other things too and all checks out ok. This one amazes me...We will fix the body and try to practice next Thursday. Stay tuned...

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