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Thursday, July 9, 2009

After practice thoughts

Well, got to the track at about 5:45p. Track was very dirty and had no rubber down on it.

Session #1: Took the car out real slow, getting heat into engine and tires. I shook it around a bit for about 4 laps or so and gently eased into more and more each lap. All of the replaced suspension parts seemed to feel good. Steering was good and the motor was crisp as usual.

As I got the car up to full speed, I realized that the entry was fantastic but the exit on turn 2 was loose off and exit on turn 4 was slightly loose off but good in the middle on both corners. I felt like the car was nearly race ready right off the trailer! Although the amount of dirt and rocks on the track may have had a hand in the handling feeling loose off...?

Session #2: John Dumire made some simple changes as we searched for more speed and grip off the corners. The entry was still good but we never got the exit any better. We will attribute this to the dirty track and load it up. It is so hard to get 'real' setup numbers with a dirty and slippery track. All we end up doing is wasting rubber on our race day set of tires, so we call it a practice at 7:30p.

I also watched Anthony Pope for awhile in his #8 latemodel. He looked good. They had some mid-corner issues going on but I'm sure they will get that car setup just right for Anthony come Friday. Anthony drives a nice line and has that cart experience which helps him alot with a sideways car.

Thanks to Rhett Lange and Dave Denn for spending so much of their time to get these cars ready in time to make this practice. They are very important to our being able to run each race after the driver wrecks and wrecks...Also, thanks to John Dumire for all the help at the track. He is reliable and has tons of racing smarts!

Race on Friday, stay tuned....!


  1. So both cars are drivable now?

  2. Ya, just beat the clock to have them ready last night. They both drove great and are ready for the race on Friday night! Hope you like this blog...

  3. Good to hear your cars are all patched back up and running good. Good luck in the race this week.

    Good luck with the blog, I'll drop a link to you from mine. You can check us out at just look for the BLOG link right about the middle of the page.

    See ya Wade!


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